This needs to stop. Like, seriously. I am so disgusted right now I don’t even know where to start. It’s people like this that just butcher the fun out of cosplaying. There are probably hundreds of “bad cosplay” blogs out there and I just don’t understand why people do this kind of shit. I scrolled through their posts of lovely cosplayers whose main objective was to have fun with something they enjoyed. It just hurt me seeing photos of cosplayers smiling and being in character and then this blog from the pit of hell brings it on here and insults them. 

Let me make something clear: This is cyberbullying. I don’t want to hear anyone say “No, it’s criticism!” because that’s bullshit. This is not the kind of criticism cosplayers are supposed to get. Haven’t you ever heard of constructive criticism? This is not anywhere near that. This is bullying. You’re not helping the cosplayer at all. Don’t try to say “It will help them improve.” Um, no. The only thing it will help them do is make them feel like shit. 

I know we can’t end this permanently, because it’s the internet, and some people just don’t care. But what you can do is find the most active “bad cosplay” blogs and report them to the tumblr staff. Make this shit aware. And this doesn’t just happen on tumblr. It happens on other sites like 4chan, reddit, Facebook… everywhere! Even IN REAL LIFE. You know how many people I’ve seen at conventions make fun of other cosplayers like we’re back in middle school? If you’re a con-goer, and you see that shit happening, confront them! Also, giving nice compliments at a convention, no matter how small it is, can really make someone’s day. Seriously, just saying something like “I love your makeup!” “I love that dress!” “Your cosplay is amazing!” can really make someone’s day. You never know if they’re starting out or if they’ve been doing it for a long time. Either way, it makes them feel good. And it motivates them to keep moving forward in such a fun hobby. 

Cosplay is for fun and good memories, not to insult. Let’s keep it that way.

This has pretty too less notes

All of my followers should reblog this because this needs to stop. No one makes blogs about making fun of extreme sports fans that dress up for their teams or anything like that. Quit targeting people who are just trying to have fun and are passionate about the things they love.

This post is the one that gave me the final push to delete all the mean stuff on this blog -Justice

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I’m imaging our regular old awkward turtle Berwald telling these horrible knock-knock jokes to the other Nordics, it’s only made worse by the fact his face remains stoic. 

image: Knock Knock

image: Uh..whose there?

image: Boo

image:Boo who?

imageWell if you’re going to cry about it, I won’t tell you!



Knock knock


Who’s there?




Water who?


Water you thinking you invited me over.


… Good one Sve.


Thanks Nor.

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r18usuk said: Maybe you can just make this a regular Hetalia blog? You know like just have a bunch of cool fandom stuff on it uvu? Cutesy stuff and whatnot, that would be pretty cool.

i have no clue on how old this is bc i have not been on for a while

but hell yeah thats what we are gonna do- Justice

sleeping-town said: Hi, there! I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, but whatever. When I first realized that you stopped posting WTFs, well, I gotta say, I wasn't happy. Your site was pretty damn funny and amusing. But now that I sit here and think, I realize what you have done was very brave. Admitting your mistakes is not an easy thing to do, and it's something I'd never done before very well. But It's inspiring to see someine who can do it. Have a wonderful evening, friend! :)

thank you uvu that means a lot yo- justice

Use this to be nice

Since there are still over 700 followers i decided that i shall use this blog but only use it to say nice things about the fandom. So you all can submit some nice things about the fandom
Il upload sonething nice from myself once im on a computer

Anonymous said: Let me just say I am very happy that you made this decision. I was going to go back and unfollow a lot of blogs, "wtf---" blogs included. I'm very glad and proud of you that you made this decision and learned that it was like bullying. I hope you have a nice day.

Thank you, that means a lot. 

I had meant to do this a while ago but i was so busy that i forgot. 

But thank you so much <3 

This blog is no longer for bullying

I made this blog back in November  2011 

I still remember the night i made it 

I was going through fnohomestuck and thought the idea of making it for Hetalia was clever

That means i have been cyber bullying since November 2011

I always hated bully’s never wanted to be one myself. I never saw this as bullying  because the people i posted about would never knew. But of course a lot of people finding their art or cosplay on here

I posted ‘bad’ drawings on here from young artists that were still learning

I laughed at art that people made with their weird fetish. I made fun of their fetish and they were probably insecure about it before and here i post it for nearly 800 people to laugh at 

Fanfiction. I wrote fanfiction once. When i read it now i cringe. I was 13 when i wrote it. I was learning. I should not make fun of ‘bad’ writing when young teens have just started writing. They might give up writing after seeing people laugh at them. I would not want that to be my fault 

I laughed at ‘bad’ cosplay. Maybe it was their first cosplay. I remember my first cosplay. I was  13-14 I was fem- England. No wig or anything. It was a closet cosplay and  13-14 me would probably cried if she saw it on a blog like this. Where someone laughs at how ‘bad’ it is

Point is. I will no longer be using this blog to post “wtf hetalia” stuff. I have been thinking of this for a while

and i just cant deal with myself knowing how many people i have hurt by laughing at them.

So you will not be seeing any “weird hetalia stuff” here (unless i’l be defending the person who drew the drawing or cosplayed the cosplay) so it would be best for you to unfollow because what you want will not be here

I have deleted everything -Justice 

Anonymous said: Ahhhh okei thank you friend-!! Is it ok if I call you that? I mean we just met and all irkskialfhd I’m sorryI’m kinda grounded rn by my dad so it’s rly hard to get on Skype sobs butI will try-!! I promise you! What times are you on mostly? Including timezones-?Gomen ;w;

Ah man you are on anon >3< 

i need you to go off anon 

i am almost always online